Our Services

Primary Care Services: Gynecological exams, chronic disease management and wellness counseling for health issues such as weight management, smoking cessation and cancer prevention.

HIV Care and Treatment Services:

Our certified team of HIV specialists provide comprehensive primary care for HIV positive individuals.

Services include diagnostic testing, case management, medication management and adherence counseling, psychosocial support and life skills counseling, primary care for those living with HIV and supportive service referrals.

Transgender Services: Our physician & nurse practitioners provide primary care, chest & breast health, hormone therapy, pelvic wellness exams, STI screens and treatment, harm reduction counseling, and care coordination.

STD Screenings: A Registered Nurse {RN) provides free on-site Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screenings and follow-up syphilis testing for the uninsured and under insured. Results will typically be available within 48 hours. Clients who test positive will have access to treatment.

Behavioral Health Services:

Our specially trained Licensed Clinical Social worker (LCSWs) help ensure patients’ cognitive and emotional well-being, including patients who are having difficulty dealing with the normal stress of life or experiencing depression, unmanageable family or work challenges.

Rapid HIV Testing & Rapid Syphilis Testing:

This free, confidential service is available on-site during all health center hours. Results are provided in 20 minutes. Clients who test positive will have access to HIV and Syphilis treatment.

PrEP Counseling: A free service that is offered to HIV negative individuals as an HIV prevention method. Counselors can also provide assistance finding a prescribing provider and medication assistance programs, answer PrEP questions and provide one-on-one assessments and care plans.

Medical Case Management Services: Provides guidance and assistance with medical care, medication adherence, social, community and financial and other services as needed.